Part #: 60009

Standard Seed Plate Kit

Replace your old seed plates with a new set of standard plates


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Product Features

60009 Standard Seed Plate set  

  • 18100 Sweet Corn with a 7.2″/18.3cm spacing,  
  • 18101 Radish, Leeks, Spinach with a 3″/7.6cm spacing,
  • 18102 Carrots, Lettuce, Turnips with a 4.5″/11.4cm spacing
  • 18103 Beans, Small Peas with a 3.6″/9.1cm spacing,
  • 18104 Jumbo Peas with a 3″/7.6cm spacing,
  • 18105 Beets, Okra, Swiss Chard with a 3.6″/9.1cm spacing

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