Why choose EarthWay as your partner?

Our people are intentional about listening and learning to the needs of our customers. For 55 years we have leaned forward, understood what professional turf managers, gardeners, ice melt professionals, or chemical applicators needed from their tools. We listened to our customers who needed help addressing their yard or business owners who needed a better tool. Our team then steps in to develop EarthWay tools that are the most accurate, highly productive, perform for years of service.

Our process delivers repeatable performance. On the factory floor, we start with American coil steel, resin beads, and American ingenuity to build each and every EarthWay product. Our plant is utilizing lean manufacturing principals to anticipate demand, plan every part, and deliver product on-time because we know that your job depends on it. We are proud of our first pass yield results, standard work, and our on-time delivery performance — and if you are looking for a supplier with solid results, we are willing to share with you how we have relaunched our 55-year-old company to lean forward and prepare for the road ahead.

Our Quality is American made. We build quality into our products utilizing the finest American materials and talent. This allows us to respond with speed and excellence versus waiting for an ocean liner to arrive. We know our competition imports components or in many cases, the complete product. At EarthWay, you will not see squishy language like “Assembled in the USA with globally sourced components”. We are cost competitive AND doing our part for the American economy by intentionally manufacturing in the USA.

Do you have a problem that you need solved?  We start by first listening and learning about the problem at hand and in the last step, we are again seeking field input to continuously improve. Our on-site experts & development lab utilizes the latest Solidworks™ CAD to 3D print prototype machines. Our team will take you from concept to final design and manage your project into full production.  Innovation, 55 years and still driving to improve. 

An expert support team. Our front-end team collectively has more than 300 years of turf, gardening, and customer service experience. Whether it is an application questions to be answered by our expert certified turf scientist or a product question from our product specialists, the EarthWay team is committed to help you achieve your goal.

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