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Precision Garden Seeder

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Take the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Interchangeable seed plates and adjustable furrow opener will allow you to plant a multitude of crops.


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Product Features

  • PRECISION: Sturdy furrow plow lets you select the correct seed depth while your chosen seed plate perfectly spaces the seeds.
  • DURABILITY: Made in the USA with high quality aluminum so unit will not rust between use.
  • OPERATION: Select material and appropriate seed plate, set down the row marker and you are ready to go. Be sure to adjust the furrow plow to the correct seeds depth.
  • DESIGN: Light weight construction and simple assembly make this unit user friendly.
  • OPTIONAL: Additional accessories include fert-a-ply attachment and optional seed plate set (both sold separately).
  • WARRANTY: One year limited warranty for all EarthWay products.

An ideal row crop planter, the 1001-B is a tool that takes the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Here’s how it works: install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed, adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener, and then set your 30 inch long row marker for the desired width. Fill the seed hopper with seeds, then begin pushing in your well-tilled soil— that’s it! The results will speak for themselves when you look at your garden days later. Seeing all your crops come up out of the ground, all at the same time, will make you the envy of every gardener planting without the 1001-B. Our standard seed plates included with the 1001-B can plant sweet corn, radish, leeks, spinach, carrots, lettuce, turnips, beans, small and jumbo peas, beets, okra, swiss chard, hemp and more!

UPC: 0-52732-10012-1

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Product Reviews

  1. Jer

    I really like this product. Hand seeding is a young man’s game and young doesn’t describe me anymore. It seems to do a really good job on most seeds but I have had trouble with the beet plate. Sometimes there are large gaps where no beets come up. I attribute this to the irregular size and shape of beet seeds and sometimes the plate doesn’t scoop a seed efficiently. Other than that, no complaints!

  2. Roger

    Great planter! It makes planting row crops easy. Mine will get a workout next week when I replant gree beans.

  3. Nancy Bishop (verified owner)

    Planting seeds by dragging a hoe, dropping seeds then covering is hard work and very time consuming.
    Using this seeder makes it so much easier. I just get my first row set then use the spacing bar to know where each row goes after that!

    It is so easy that I ended up planting a lot more corn than I had planned!

    My kids use it to plant rows and rows of sunflowers!!

    This is the best product ever!!
    The process is so easy that

  4. Curtis (verified owner)

    Great product! It sure speeds up the seed planting process.

  5. Patrick Scharber (verified owner)

    Seed hopper should have an insert so you don’t so much seed to make it feed.
    Otherwise it works great.

  6. Deborah G (verified owner)

    We are a community garden. This is our third year of using the Earthway. It has made our planting much easier and productive. I don’t know how we ever managed without it. We are very satisfied.

  7. Michael McClenning (verified owner)

    I have used these for years, I had to get a new one because I let someone borrow it and you guessed it. These planters are back savers compared to the hoe and rake method. I have nothing but praise for the planter. I only wish that you could pick the plates you want when you order it.

  8. Randy (verified owner)

    Great seeder It does skip some and double seed some using the pea plate. It makes planting easy.

  9. Philip Patrick (verified owner)

    Seeder works great. Only negative comments are I wish I had a plate for small sweet corn and I’m afraid to try it with tiny seed such as kale.

  10. Steve (verified owner)

    Its for sure worth the purchase, I will say right off, Now I will give some info, I usually plant in pots and transplant to larger pots with amendments and fertilizers. then same in garden holes. The year I bought this I had missed my planting dates for planting early in pots and needed to adjust to sowing directly (although some vegetables I sow directly anyway). For the hobby or backyard gardener it helps to be able to sow a thin straight row to conserve space and not over sow and this helps you. I bought the extra seed plates, here is why now I am glad I did. From year to year and seed to seed seller/harvesters the seeds will be smaller and larger, if your using the standard size plate and seeds this year are smaller you end up sowing too many or some slide in between and get smashed easier if they are too big they get popped around in the been until their busted up or popped out of the been, if you have other plates you can see if your seeds will fit better threw the other holes, also sometimes the seeds are mixed small and big, use the plates to grade them out or in. Make a plywood seed grader. Cut out with jig saw the size of the plate and on bottom side staple hardware cloth to lay seed plate on and pour some seeds into the recess, vibrate or shake the smaller seeds out into a bowl/bag, add as many plywood hole cutouts same size to top side as needed to create the depth you need to add more/larger seeds in, change out seed plates and separate the catch of seeds to use with the best seed plate and then go plant those. Can also tape off a hole or a few holes to sow pre-thinned rows, I will till and have ground ready for planting my transplant and then use the seeder to sow in between rows with something that is ready to pick sooner and this helps keep weeds at bay and gives extra crops. Example I planted 4ft spaced rows of early peas, came back put up trellis on an outside row waking all over the tilled ground in between rows, I set my depth on the seeder a little deep to cut threw the ground I walked on and planted radish and then mustard seed on 4 inch alternating rows all the way up to the next pea row then again put up trellis and repeated across the garden, the radish were picked well before the peas needed to be side dressed and I am able to step between the greens that are now 8in apart . If fact my radish do so well I have enough to give away or compost them and the early weed growth is nearly stopped. Its an investment and worth buying all the seed plates, if your sowing by hand one row then no its not worth it unless you can’t bend over or handicap, otherwise after you now/understand the machine its super easy to set up and get seed in the ground quick, remember or realize you will need to till or break up the soil first fairly fine, that is a given. Hard ground or clumps just means you till longer or slower or break up your clumps first. Its a seed dropper not a seed poker, if no till gardening then this is not for you. Its fairly straight forward to set up and get going, I leave it fully assembled, I clean it off after every use and actually store it in-doors not outside or in my barn I want it to stay in good shape. Its not heavy or wide, its narrow so steady yourself and can lean yourself or seed bin hole side over some and just walk a straight line, If you want more seed in an area say you blocked off some holes on a plate walk a new row very close to that row or even directly in that row. I have not had any break downs, I have had adjustments to make, I tend to sow deeper than the suggested depth using this seeder (my preference). I suggest tilling an area or extra area to test out and get use to using it. I had a reminder years later after buying this to give a review and this is just what came to mind and may not have all information you would need to know, But will say I have planted and use it, Glad I ordered it, I had looked at others and researched before buying and this was my choice and works fine, don’t expect it to do all your prep work it drops seed in your prepped soil, it does make and cover your furrows. If your seeding long rows keep a back pack on you with your seed to re-fill, the hopper is only so large, and in some instances filling seed to the rim is not my recommendation and too few of seeds is not either just test out your given seed, see what works best then proceed.. It is built well, I would not throw it the back of my truck loose and drive bumpy roads till next season, use common sense it will out last you.

  11. Andrew (verified owner)

    This seeder is perfect for gardeners who sow crops into fairly large beds. It’s a little large for beds smaller than fifteen feet, but it does well in beds up to 150′. seeds are dropped precisely, provided you use the correct plate. it’s easy to track where you’ve been and where you need to go. I don’t plant by hand in my large beds anymore thanks to this seeder. Highly recommended!

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