Part #: 2050P


Set-up Estate Spreader 10″ Pneumatic Wheels

Do you have a medium or large lawn with bumps and hills? Then the 2050P Estate Broadcast spreader is the answer.


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Product Features


  • 80lb/36kg Hopper capacity – rustproof poly construction
  • EV-N-SPRED®  3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System
  • 100lb/45kg Load bearing capacity – what the frame will support
  • 10″/25cm pneumatic stud type tires on rustproof poly rims
  • Epoxy powder coated chassis
  • Heavy-duty High Speed Gearbox
  • Optional 3-sided Salt Deflector – #77122
  • Optional Rain cover – #77003
  • Fully Assembled
  • Rate Calculation Matrix included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime tech support


The EarthWay® exclusive EV-N-SPRED®  3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System and heavy-duty gearbox ensures an even application of all granular materials with professional results. The fingertip rate control provides easy control and balance of material application unmatched in the industry. The rustproof 80lb/36kg capacity hopper and 10” pneumatic stud type tires bring capacity and smooth operation to the homeowner.

Fully assembled, with a folding handle, the 2050P will be ready to go from box to lawn in seconds and stores easily. To make establishing the correct setting rate for any product easy, we include a rate calculation Matrix for use with all of today’s granular products including organic materials, to give you the best setting available.  The 2050P is perfect choice for today’s lawn enthusiast, but don’t lend this tool out as you may never get it back!

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What's In The Box?

Products added to cart must total $15.00 or more.

Part # Description Price Action
70142 NUT PROTECTOR $1.50 Add to Cart
70192 .840 X .150 X 21 GRIP $6.78 Add to Cart
70106 10 PNEUMATIC DRIVE WHEEL 2100P/2050P $61.62 Add to Cart
60430 Replacement Control Cable Assembly 26.25 $11.82 Add to Cart
60515 *NLA CONTROL ASSEMBLY $39.56 Add to Cart
60363 HOPPER ASSEMBLY 2050A/2050P $46.36 Add to Cart
60364 *NLA UPPER HANDLE ASSEMBLY $42.21 Add to Cart
60404 GEAR BOX ASSEMBLY 2050P $42.95 Add to Cart
60027 "NLA" SUB 32107 WING NUT ASSY BLACK $1.50 Add to Cart
37108 1/4-20 X 1 3/4 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
40003 SQUARE SCREEN $13.32 Add to Cart
37106 1/4-20 X 2 CARRIAGE BOLT ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
34103 1 OD. X 17/32 ID. X 1/32 WASHER ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
32106 10-24 WING NUT ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
32107 NUT 1/4-20 WING ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
33106 1/8 X 3/4 COTTER PIN ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
33107 1/8 X 1 3/4 COTTER PIN S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
33117 AGITATOR $5.58 Add to Cart
31161 #14 X 1 3/4 TYPE AB HWHS ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
32100 1/4-20 HEX NUT ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
32103 NUT 1/4-20 NYLON INS LOCKNUT ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
31124 #10 X 5/8 TYPE A PHPS ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
31148 SCREW 10 X 1" TYPE A PHPS BLACK $1.50 Add to Cart
25701 STAND $27.25 Add to Cart
25220 LOWER HANDLE $14.04 Add to Cart
19132 7/8 TUBE PLUG $1.50 Add to Cart
23511 AXLE (2050P/2050TP) $14.52 Add to Cart
12318 LOWER HOUSING CLIP (2000A/2050) $1.50 Add to Cart
12248 IMPELLER DISHED (PLUS UNITS 2030, 2600A) $16.41 Add to Cart
12276 AXLE PLUG (2050SU) $5.43 Add to Cart
12197 SPACER BEARING (2000A) $1.50 Add to Cart
12209 HOPPER BUSHING (C24/C25) $1.50 Add to Cart
12222 INDICATOR-BROADCAST $1.50 Add to Cart
12107 10" WHEEL (2050/7300) $19.12 Add to Cart

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Products added to cart must total $15.00 or more.

Part # Description Price Action
77122 SALT DEFLECTOR KIT FOR 2050 SERIES $89.99 Add to Cart
77003 77003 Heavy Duty Rain Cover $47.59 Add to Cart

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