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Summer Feed with Grub Control


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The Andersons Turf Products 22-0-7 Fertilizer with .08% Acelepryn Insecticide (Grub Control)

50 lb bag covers 8,000-15,000 sq ft.

Acelepryn is a modern and super safe insecticide that targets turf feeding insects. It does NOT harm honeybees. In fact, the EPA has no caution label on Acelepryn, because it is safe for pets and children. The unique way that Acelepryn works allows flexibility on the timing of the application and can control grubs at any stage of life. One application of Acelepryn gives you full season systemic control of white grubs and other pests infesting landscape and turf including (but not limited to) billbugs, cutworms, armyworms, and sob webworms. Feeds up to 10 weeks depending on watering events, rain/irrigation.

Note: Not for sale, sale into, distribution and/or use in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, Queens Counties of New York State.  The control of grubs in any manner does not control moles. Moles also feed on earthworms which is their main food source.

Timing: The application date is July 4th if applying S2 Summer Feed 24-0-11 application. If skipping S2 Summer Feed application, then apply mid- June.

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