Part #: 2600A-Plus

40lb Residential Broadcast Spreader

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Unassembled 40lb. Spreader w/9″ Pneumatic Wheels


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Product Features

  • 40lb/18kg Hopper capacity – rustproof poly construction
  • EVEN-SPREAD®  3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System
  • Patented Side Spread Control at the pull of a lever. Patent U.S. 10,993,368
  • 100 LBs Load bearing capacity
  • 9″/22cm high-flotation pneumatic tires on rustproof poly rims
  • Epoxy powder coated chassis
  • Steel “T” bar handle
  • Solid linkage rate control
  • Lifetime tech support
  • Optional Rain cover – #77001
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


This 40LB Residential Broadcast Spreader is the closest you can get to a commercial spreader without the cost! The rustproof poly hopper with a 40 LB capacity provides a low profile to fit into the tightest corners, while the EVEN-SPREAD® 3-Hole Drop Shut-Off System ensures an even and balanced spread pattern. Additionally, the 9 In/22cm high-flotation tires roll smoothly over rough terrain and icy conditions. This product is compatible with not only fertilizer and grass seed, but also salt, grain, and ice melt. It is specifically designed for the lawn enthusiast who wants a light-duty commercial spreader with a great price and commercial-grade performance.

UPC: 0-52732-02600-1

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Product Reviews

  1. Jim C

    Was using another product (think green) for years and was never happy with the results. A friend recommended this Earthway spreader and I’m amazed at the difference in the way my yard looks after the spring application. Digging deeper, I’ve learned they have patents for the way their spreaders disperse fertilizer and I really think this is the difference between these and the competition. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. C. H. LeMond

    Assembly is a bit time consuming but not difficult (though axle bearings were a definite “force fit”.) The finished product feels good and operates smoothly. I’m short and it’s a good fit for me.

  3. Sean McDuffie (verified owner)

    Through the recommendation of Allyn Hane “The Lawn Care Nut”, I purchased the 2600-A Earthway model. It was easy to assemble, along with a modification I made for me. This model is not made for tall people to use comfortably. So during assemble I made the handle 11″ longer using a 18″ piece of electrical conduit, installed between the handle and the control mechanism for the spreader holes. It did require the drilling of some holes, and an addition pair of nuts and bolts for the extension. Once completed it was very functional for someone my height at 6′ 4″. I do like the infinite control of the spreader. If a bag of fertilizer says to set the level at 13, I can adjust the level up or down to get the exact amount down per 1000 square feet of material. This model is sturdy and will last a long time. Yes, I would purchase this again. Don’t waste your money on the cheap “green” spreaders at your local big box store.

  4. Byron Belina (verified owner)

    Like the bigger tires and how easy it is to operate. My only wish was I would’ve purchased the bigger unit. I was concerned it’d be too hard to push which is definitely not the case.
    Simple to use and durable. Won’t purchase another brand. I’m still giving it a five star.

  5. Keith Almodovar (verified owner)

    The spreader is the best! While it isn’t cheap, it’s far superior than the cheaper ones. I actually purchased one for my neighbor for his birthday since he fell in love with mine after I lent it to him to try. Putting it together is a challenge, especially when the two handles were missing, so we waited for the handles to arrive then discovered the small cotter pin was missing, oh and btw it contained the wrong bucket when I first received it. So, contacted y’all for the correct bucket, then for the handles and went to the local hardware store to buy the small cotter pin. Message to your shipping department to use care when picking and packing this item due to the number of parts. Once the unit was assembled, my neighbor was thrilled to have and use it. So overall good story though a little painful. Highly recommend this unit.

  6. Steve S (verified owner)

    I`ve had this spreader over a year now and have adapted to how it works over time. The sliding / retractable side shield sticks and becomes difficult to use after a little dusty product goes thru the spreader and gums it up. I gave up right away trying to use the side shield feature. The side shield feature is not really a necessary feature and it`s fiddly on all spreaders I`ve used. . I simply blow excess product back into the grass with a leaf blower and don`t use the side shield. The suggested spreading rate table is confusing to use because there is a lot of variation in products granule sizes being spread from large moss-out / lime granules to finer weed and feed products. You have to remember to shut off the spread rate lever just before stopping or you`ll dump a pile of product when you stop. If you`re mechanically inclined you will be OK with assembling every little piece of this spreader, which takes a while. I like a mechanical challenge, have lots of tools and engineering experience, so I was OK with this.
    None the less, the Earthway spreader is well made for the price point and a better quality build than the Scott spreaders you see everywhere in the big box stores. Now that I have some experience with the Earthway spreader and have adapted to using it I do not use the side shield and I “eyeball” the spread rate lever position rather than using the spread rate table. I`ve learned over time what spread rate lever position I need for the products I dispense. The large hopper is a good size for my 5,000 sq ft yard and the long handle is good for taller users. While I was a little disappointed in this spreader at first, I like it now and wouldn`t consider going back to a Scott spreader.

  7. Edward McGee (verified owner)

    I like this spreader. When I first got it I filled the hopper full and hit a water drain ditch in the yard and broke the gear housing. I ordered a new gear box but I thought I will try to salvage this one and I did,. I bought some flex seal and put 3 coats all over the housing and let it dry for several days and guess what, it works perfect. So I have a new gear box in store for when it finally wears out. I only fill the hopper 1/2 full and it makes it a lot easier to push since I have such a lush turf. Good spreader and I enjoy it a lot.

  8. Ted Harris (verified owner)

    I just received my Earthway 2600A plus spreader. It was very easy to assemble, and everything lined up perfectly. All holes were perfect with no tuning needed. I took it out to apply some product and it worked out very well. This is a much more improved product over the Scotts spreader I had been struggling with for the last couple of years. I purchased this product based on some reviews and what the company web site said about being American built, with American materials. I did not mind paying more for an American built product in order to support our workers and economy. However, I received a surprise when I removed the set of wheels from the box and on the sidewalls of the tires were MADE IN CHINA The least, they could have done was requested tires with blank side walls. I also want to add that I purchased this unit because you can get replacement parts for it. This is a big factor for me. All in all, I am very satisfied with this purchase and if I had to do it again I would.

  9. Brian Thomas (verified owner)

    Great product, well built. Really like the edge spreading setting. Rubber wheels make it easy to push, much better spread pattern than my old spreader.

  10. Dan Smith (verified owner)

    Tires say made in china… I bought this product because of the made in USA advertising. Spreader works fine. Could be a little more sturdy. 40 lbs is a lot for this size spreader and will spill out the top very easily with normal use. I will at some point try the next size up after doing more research on the make of the parts. Support American made products!

  11. John (verified owner)

    Great spreader. Used for pre-emergement and fertilizer on zoysia and centipede. I set it as prescribed. Wow. Just right.

  12. C. H. LeMond

    Assembly requires a bit of common sense but is not a show stopper. Handle construction causes me to worry a bit about “tipping” when the hopper is full. Overall, a good product, but spreader setting info seems unreliable and it’s easy to get way too much product down. Maybe it’s my walking speed.

  13. Steven (verified owner)

    I bought this spreader as a birthday gift to myself at the beginning of lawn season last year. Like many others, I had been using the “green machine”. I really like how this spreader distributes the fertilizer.
    I had to do a little bending of the rod that connects to the setting lever to the opening plate and adjustment of the set screw. This was due to the lower brackets being off. This made the handles set a little horizontally out of level. Not too much to make it bothersome and I could still calibrate it correctly. The handles, shaft, and lower brackets could use more reinforcement in my opinion. The larger pneumatic tires make a big difference when pushing a full tub of fertilizer. My yard has a downward slope on one side, so it makes those areas much easier. I’m doing the Anderson program this season. We’ll see how it goes.

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