Model: M80ECM


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Step 1. Determine how much material is to be applied per 1,000 sq./ft.

Step 2. Measure off 50ft., preferably on a paved surface such as a parking lot.

Step 3. Weigh out enough of the material to fill the hopper at least half full. Record the weight for future reference.

Step 4. With the unit mounted on the vehicle and the hopper at least half full of the material to be spread, position the vehicle far enough before the beginning of the 50-foot test area so that
the vehicle will achieve the desired speed before you reach the starting line.

Step 5. Select the Setting Rate position that you feel would be an appropriate setting on the ECM Module from 1 to 11.

IMPORTANT – Only make Rate Adjustments with the shut-off in the CLOSED POSITION


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