• Proven track record of efficiency goals met on the job and/or an upward trend of learning different jobs and day by day improvement in all departments
• Positive attitude and willing to learn new things and follow instructions
• Understanding of QC check sheets and SOP’s
• Must be able to issue QC sheets from file and hard copy to cabinet
• Able to communicate and understand count & defect entry
• Must have a proven track record of being 90% efficient on QC checklist signing
• Able to identify quality issues
• Ability to have good communication with management on quality errors and a proven track record of FPY entry
• Proven track record of 95% or higher on QC approvals and troubleshooting root cause
• Able to identify different materials
• Able to read work orders and identify parts from the work order
• Able to identify quality issues in all departments
• Knows set-ups & SOP’s in all areas
• Has an understanding of each department and how they operate. Pass a skills assessment test for identifying different metals, plastics and assemblies of finished products.

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