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Commercial 6.6 gallon / 25 liter Ground Driven Push Sprayer


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Product Features


  • 6.6gal/25liter Tank capacity with coverage from 4,400 – 11,600 square feet *
  • Ground driven pump
  • New Adjustable Height Nozzle for variable spray width
  • Self-Agitating Tank
  • 13”/33cm Stud type pneumatic tires on rustproof poly rims
  • NEWEarthWay exclusive – No Load pull-back system
  • Heavy-Duty Epoxy Powder Coated “Diamond” Chassis
  • 3-position height adjustable handles for comfortable use
  • 2-mode valve for Spray or Transport
  • Easy to push high-speed gearbox
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime Tech support

The NEW S25 Spray-PRO Mark III is a revolutionary new product designed to take the work out of spraying your lawn, sidewalk, driveways, paths, and gardens in spring, summer, fall, and for winter ice control. With a spray width of 2 – 5 feet/0.6-1.5meters, and up to a 11,600 sq.ft. coverage, the S25 will make quick work when spraying herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, liquid ice control products, or fertilizers.

The New adjustable height nozzle will reduce the spray width for narrow banding operations. The 2-mode valve allows for either Transport or Spray operation and is selected high on the handle. While in Transport mode, the S25 pump continues to operate agitating the material in the tank for a desired mixture. In addition, with the Optional Hand Sprayer, those spot treatments around your home are done in a snap.

The S25 includes three different nozzle tips of fine, medium, and coarse, for controlling your application rates within your spray coverage. Having a 6.6gal/25liter capacity self-agitating tank, the S25 will do the job of several tank sprayers and without the pain of carrying them in hand or on your back. Featuring a ground driven pump with no battery to keep charged or maintain, the S25 operates at walking speed and pushes no harder than a small spreader.

Designed for commercial use, the S25 will perform under the daily use by contractors, as well as the occasional use of the homeowner with equal results. When you need to apply a liquid in any season for any reason, the S25 is there to help put an end to the work.

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S25-70001 3-WAY VALVE 3/8 BARB. FITTING $51.17 Add to Cart
S25-70003 NOZZLE HOLDER W/GASKET $6.69 Add to Cart
S25-70004 #10 TURBO NOZZLE (BLACK) $17.04 Add to Cart
S25-70006 #5 TURBO NOZZLE (BLUE) $17.04 Add to Cart
S25-70008 3.5 DROP IN TANK FILTER $31.87 Add to Cart
S25-70010 3-WAY VALVE RETAINER MOUNT (S25) $3.99 Add to Cart
S25-70011 SL-1 KNOB S25/15 DCV VALVE $13.83 Add to Cart
S25-70012 #3 TURBO NOZZLE (GRAY) $17.04 Add to Cart
S25-70138 13 PNEUMATIC DRIVE WHEEL STUD MILLED (S25) $107.47 Add to Cart
S25-60002 KELCH CAP FOR S SERIES TANK $53.39 Add to Cart
S25-24501 GEAR CASE & AXLE ASSEMBLY (S25) $99.20 Add to Cart
S25-24505 PUMP COVER (S25) NOTCHED $33.86 Add to Cart
S25-24506 DCV MOUNT (S25) $13.74 Add to Cart
S25-24507 GUN HOLDER CONTROL ROD MOUNT BRACKET (S25) $18.60 Add to Cart
S25-24508 CONTROL ROD TO 3 WAY VALVE ADAPTER (S25) $4.29 Add to Cart
S25-24600 GEAR PUMP ASSEMBLY (S25) $100.78 Add to Cart
S25-25722 FRAME POWDER COATED (S25) $19.02 Add to Cart
S25-30001 1/4-20 X 1 HHCS ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
S25-30003 3/16 DIA KNURLED PIN - each $11.04 Add to Cart
S25-30004 1-5/16 OD. 21/32 ID. WASHER ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
S25-38081 HARDWARE PACK (S25) $113.63 Add to Cart
S25-41000 CONTROL ROD (S25) $29.82 Add to Cart
S25-44292 FRAME BRACE (S25) $6.69 Add to Cart
S25-60000 6 GALLON TANK W/CAP $207.04 Add to Cart
S25-60001 SKIRT (S25) $45.97 Add to Cart
S25-19003 1/2 HOSE CLAMP - HERBIE CLIP $1.50 Add to Cart
70138 PNEUMATIC DRIVE WHEEL STUD 2150/S25 $88.78 Add to Cart
70142 NUT PROTECTOR $1.50 Add to Cart
60175 UPPER HANDLE - DIAMOND W/GRIP $28.29 Add to Cart
60175-SS UPPER HANDLE SQ W/GRIP 2150/2170 $48.22 Add to Cart
37107 6-32 X 1 PHPS SS $1.50 Add to Cart
36216 1/4-20 X 2 HHCS S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
36224 *NLA 1/4-20 X 1 1/4 HHMS S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
36225 1/4-20 X 1/2 HHMS S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
36300 1/4-20 NYLON INSERT LOCKNUT S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
36404 1/4 CUPPED WASHER S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
36501 1/4-20 X 1 CARRIAGE BOLT S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
34108 9/16 OD. X .257 ID. WASHER ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
36104 PIN 3/16 X 1" PIN SS. $1.50 Add to Cart
36200 SCREW 1/4-20 X 1 1/2" HHCS SS. $1.50 Add to Cart
36210 1/4-20 X 1 HHMS S.S. $1.50 Add to Cart
31165 1/4-20 X 1/2 HHMS ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
32103 NUT 1/4-20 NYLON INS LOCKNUT ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
33108 3/16 X 1 COTTER PIN ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
31120 1/4-20 X 2 HHCS ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
31121 1/4-20 X 1 1/4 HHCS ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
31135 #8 X 1/2 PHPS TYPE A (BLACK) $1.50 Add to Cart
31100 1/4-20 X 1 1/2 HHMS ZINC $1.50 Add to Cart
25222 LOWER HANDLE SQ (2150s/2170s) $20.94 Add to Cart
25222-SS LOWER HANDLE SQ (2130/2150/2170 SS) $51.84 Add to Cart
25223 HANDLE SHAFT SQ (2150) $22.47 Add to Cart
25223-SS HANDLE SHAFT SQ (2130/2150/2170 SS) $52.38 Add to Cart
25228 CROSS BRACE (2150/2170/S25) 11.25 REV908 $26.58 Add to Cart
19132 7/8 TUBE PLUG $1.50 Add to Cart
12344 HANDLE SPACER (2150/2170) SQ. $1.50 Add to Cart
12148 AXLE BEARING (2130/2150/2170/S25) $3.63 Add to Cart
12152 AXLE BUSHING (2130/2150/2170/S25) $7.23 Add to Cart


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